Book Discussion with Dr. Sam Pitroda


Join us in an intellectually resounding book discussion with Dr. Sam Pitroda, who is credited with having laid the foundation for India’s telecommunications and technology revolution of the 1980s. Being a serial Entrepreneur, and Founding Chairman of five non-profit organizations, Dr. Pitroda holds around 20 honorary PhDs, close to 100 worldwide patents and has published five books and numerous papers and lectured widely all over the world.
The book review and discussion on his newest release ‘Redesign the World’, will feature eminent book enthusiasts and renowned personalities, engaging in a thought provoking panel discussion with Dr. Sam Pitroda himself. Witness perspectives, see thought leadership, understand standpoints, and open up your outlook in this exclusive webinar.
Coming up soon, Live from Oman
➢ On Saturday, 28th Aug 2021
➢ 7:30 pm GST/ 9:00 pm IST
➢ Live On Zoom
Be part of this exclusive, and enlightening interaction.
For more information & RSVP :: chairman@bhavalaya.org
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