Anuradha Singh stuns Bhopal audience with Kathak-Drupad blend


Admirers of classical dance, arguably for the first time, enjoyed the grandeur of Kathak dance blended with the tranquility of Drupad music. The venue was Samanvay Bhavan in Bhopal and the presenter was V Anuradha Singh, renowned Kathak exponent. Reports say that Ms Singh had left the audience on the second day of the International Performing Arts Festival, enthralled with her stunner of a performance there.

The performance by Ms Singh has been extolled as breathtaking for her fine blend of classic Kathak with Drupad music. Then Ms Singh followed this innovative move of hers with a second less significant one that is harmonising Kathak steps with the popular Djembe music of Africa. Having commenced her performance with Siva Vandana portraying various forms of Lord Sica in Fakta Tal, she had gone on to lace it with the Lord's Rudra and Thandava forms later. Her presentation comprised almost hundred fifty chakras of Kathak complimented by the Raga Thodi tunes of Drupad Music.

Ms Singh also ensured that she did not leave the stage before giving another enthralling presentation of pure Kathak over the tunes of Pakhawaj. After the performance Ms Singh said to the media that she particularly experimented the Hindustani traditions of Kathak And Drupad as they have never been performed together before.

Ms Singh's Kathak on African Djembe music was also highly lauded. She had presented Kathak's Matidut Bedam and Rela with the precision tunes of Djembe for six minutes. All through that period of non-stop rhythmic movement, she had reportedly set the audience glued to their seats. Twenty seven chakras synchrnonised with violin and synthesiser rhythms helped her turn the performance into a momentous one.

Mr Salim Allahwale who had also rendered Tabla for the performance, created the Djembe composition. Mr Allahwale was accompanied by Mr Shahid on synthesiser, Mr Manoj Bamule on violin and Mr Zakkir Hussain on Sarangi.