Japanese Performing Arts Evening for Calcutta


The fans of Japan from Calcutt along with expatriates from Japan assembled here for an evening last month at Jadavpur University auditorium. The evening was given the name by the promoters - In-Nichi Bunkasai.

It was Nihongo Kaiwa Kyookai Society's president, Jayantha Saha who lead the organising team of the programme. The event was staged in association with Japanese consulate, as a melange of Japanese and Indian art cultures.

One of the most amusing numbers of the evening was the skit titled 'Mind Your Japanese Language'. It portrayed a classroom full of multilingual students from India valiantly talking a mix of English, Japanese as well as their different mother tongues in India.

Often found to be erring hilariously, the students were tested by their class teacher who announced a free ticket to Japan for the Tokyo Olympics of 2020 for the best student in the class. This trigerred the fun. The teacher's role was played by Kazuko Nigam, the chief patron of the society.

Following this a spirited dance performance was put up by Eimi Yuasa, Ayumi Kawaura, Sarika Khan and Sahil - all students from Japanese Supplementary School.

The best cheers were however claimed by characters from Tokyo Ghoul, Bleach and Naruto, the popular Japanese anime series characters that appeared on the stage amid a cosplay, 'A Peek into Modern Japan. This cosplay was held with Kolata Anime Club's help.