New York College stages Kathak performance


New York's Molloy College organised a Kathak dance performance on March 31, 2018. The key performers on the stage were Anisha Shah, Anmol Patel and Mansi Shah. A presentation of Theen Thal Kathak dance was debuted before a more than 650 strong audience at the Molloy College's The Madison Theatre.

Honerable former deputy comptroller of New York's Nassau County, Dilip Chauhan was the chief guest for the programme that commenced with Ganesh Vandana. Later in the timeline of the event, he presented to the three dancers, New York State Senate Honour on behalf of the Senator of New York, Jose Peralta.

Among the main protagonists of the show, Anmol started her Kathak training at nine. She is also no novice with other dance forms including folk and Bollywood. Presently, she is a senior at the Mineola High School beside being the Salutatorian of the Class of 2018.

Anisha is attenting Mineola High School presently and would complete her course at the school in June 2018. She is all poised for following a career in the health care sector.

Mansi is close to completing her graduation in June 2018 from Great Neck South High School. A youngster interested in lacrosse and hockey, Mansi is a Quality of Life Award recepient as well.