Rusian ballet Swan Lake drives the audience wish for an encore


The first show of the first day of 'Swan Lake' ballet of Royal Russian Ballet staged at Nazrul Mancha in Calcutta had the audience quite much wishing for an encore. Such had been the performance of forty five dancers artistically demonstrating a timeless piece regarding love.

Kolkotha was the final destination of the Russian ballet artistes following succesful shows in Mumbai, New Delhi and Ahmedabad, on their ongoing performance tour in India invited by Navrasa Duende, the famous production house.

The excitement was pretty obvious in the words of Swan Lake's artistic director and producer, Anatoliy Kazatskiy, who said that he was greatly happy to perform in India particularly since the country has had a lengthy as well as fascinating relationship with Russia and her artistes. According to him the people particularly in Culcutta had deep knowledge besides immense love for the performing arts.

Nazrul Mancha's audience as well, true to Kazatskiy's expectations, had emoted alongside the dancers, as the love dance of Sigfried and Odette blossomed out before a stunning backdrop. The audience simply could not hold their ebulliance as they went on a non-stop clapping spree. Meanwhile, massive screens flanking the stage stood to narrate the story to the uninitiated.

On the other side of the story, the dancers had been going through hard work as well as rigorous rehearsals after reaching Kolkotha on Wednesday evening.

Elizabeth Lobacheva, the lead actress of the ballet said that since Swan Lake was a demanding ballet, both physically and psychologically, the movements ought to be impeccable and effortless, which made practise a way of life for artistes including her. Lobacheva who plays the swan princess Odette reportedly rehearses daily for six hours.