Vijayalakshmi will enchant Norton Simon


The fans of Mohiniyattam in and around the Pasadena city of California in the United States, along with many others that are simply admirers of any dance form, are absolutely in for a magnificent evening as popular Mohiniyattam danseuse Vijayalakshmi will perform at the Norton Simon Museum of the city today.

Vijayalakshmi is an award winning dancer as well as one of the noted choreographers from South India. Born into a reputable family boasting of a lengthy lineage of traditional performing artistes, Vijayalakshmi had naturally taken to classical dance. Initiated into the world of dance at an early age, she was drawn towards Mohiniyattam gradually.

It could be owing to the artistic legacy of her teacher Guru Bharathi Shivaji that a beautiful Vijayalakshmi seems to be obsessed with the prospect of ensuring the art form's rightful position on the art world's map.

Mohiniyattam is a classical South Kerala based dance form deeply rooted in the concept of the sacred feminine. It tends to celebrate power and potential of the feminine entity by means of intesely dramatic expressions and graceful body movements.

It is held that the soft and fluent movements of a Mohiniyattam dancer quite much resemble the movements effectuated by swaying coconut trees in a gentle breeze. Literally translating as the 'Dance of the Enchantress', Mohiniyattam is vividly depicted by the hues of femininity, beauty and grace, as its quintessence.

The entry into the dance performance place is free with Norton Simon museum admission.