'BHAVALAYA', the Malayalam term translates to, 'concordance of hues' or 'harmony of emotions'. The original emotions they say, have always been (and will always be) nine in the count. All traditional performing arts of the world thus seem to have a close connection with the nine base emotions of happiness, serenity, compassion, courage, wonder, sorrow, fear, anger and disgust. These are called 'Navaras' in many and Indian languages. Classical artforms amalgamated the psyche and body to form an instrument that in its turn expressed the base emotions in a way generations could physically as well as intellectually interpret those. The body that has already been tuned into an emotional instrument thus, consorts with the intellect of generations to give birth to reason. The reason that someone started calling 'art' and rightly so. Art, so becomes the expression of the creative skill and imagination of beings typically in a tangible form, standing to be appreciated for its aesthetic and intellectual essence. 
Dr J Retnakumar, a thinker and passionate admirer of the universal art and cultural sphere, for a welcome change, conceived the whole phenomenon before him as a potential platform in the times of turbulence and truculence to unite minds in discord and liberate lives from emotional insentience. Thus happened BHAVALAYA, a global platform for the promotion of art and culture. A stage that devotedly tends to use the medium of art to unite minds and liberate lives. 


The birth of BHAVALAYA was the result of the passion at a man's heart for art and culture alongside his firm belief that promotion of art and cultural activities was the best way to unite minds and liberate lives against the evils of society. Behind the conception of BHAVALAYA as an elite art and cultural platform, there has been the grim realization of Dr. J Retnakumar that the world of art so badly lacked common platforms to unite. Such a platform has always been the want of the hour as being potential enough for inspiring as well as conducting mobilization and cross-fertilization of artisans and practitioners from the various streams of art. 


Trained on the view that movements based on art and culture played a crucial role in the all-round development of humanity, BHAVALAYA offers a global centre for the promotion and propagation of universal artforms including music, drama, classical dance-forms and painting, among others. BHAVALAYA ever holds dear to its original mission of serving the international arts community by promoting and documenting fruits of its labour at the intersection of art and creativity, and by encouraging and stimulating camaraderie among artists from various cultural backgrounds and heritage.
"Life according to philosophers is really simple. But we insist on making it complicated. Man is striving and struggling to make both ends meet. In this struggle, his sole motto seems to be nothing but a safe and luxurious life. Further, in this process, he loses a significant time of his life and accumulates extra baggage of stress, depression and multiple modern-day diseases"