Natya Tharangini celebrates its 42 nd Anniversary


It was another day of dancing, occasion for celebrating and moment for cherishing for the students of Natya Tharangini performing arts centre. As the school was celebrating its 42 nd anniversary, the joyful students saw it as a time to carry on with what they did best; sharing the joy of Kuchipudi besides showing the world, their movement prowess. Students aged between five and forty having practised routines choreographed by Raja Reddy and Radha Reddy famous Kuchipudi dancing couple participated in this global celebration that took place in New Delhi initiated by Natya Tharangini on April 29. The Reddy couple is the brain behind the Natya Tharangini performing arts centre. Besides t...

Must Yesudas be reviled on social media as much as he is presently being?


The recent controversy that was triggered off after legendary Indian singer KJ Yesudas had grabbed the phone of a selfy hunter to delete the captured picture of his while treading down steps, seemed really undesirable. More humiliating has been the way the social media is found to be treating this highly talented singer. As profiles of silly looking mortals - and scores of them - are persistantly slinging slur on his persona like a market hag indiscriminately spraying around vitriol, none but the art world is the real victim grimacing at the receiving end. The real base of the controversy according to many, nonetheless is the award dispute involving a number of artistes from Kerala who ...

Heartbeat puts twists on standard opera


A small theatre company of New York appealing to those in the city that are eager for something more venturesome than what the Metropolitan offers, Heartbeat Opera has surprised the theatre art segment by effectuating directorial twists on standard operas. Striking could be the results although at times things could also seem perverse. The company has attracted attention for its ingenious productions from its directors Louisa Proske and Ethan Heard. Lucia di Lammermoor of Proske presented a couple of seasons back had given telling results. However, Don Giovanni performed on Wednesday as the season' sopening show has simply seemed perverse.    Fairly straightforwardly wa...

Artists dedicate their Efforts to the Welfare of Coming Generations


A master as well as exponent of mural painting and drawing art, Mr KK Warrier had recently said during a press briefing that he was engaged in the preservation and exhibition of rare mural paintings and drwawings with a view to enlighten the forthcoming generations about the unfathomable value of those. According to him, a dedicated gallery was much required in Kerala for preserving such pieces, which would also be greatly helpful for students of history and archaeology. Mr Warrier was here in Kilimanoor to take part in the birthday anniversary celebrations being held at the Kilimanoor Palace. As part of the celebrations ten mural painting and drawing pieces have been exhibited here. Th...

Kathakali maestro, FACT Padmanabhan turns seventy


It is birthday number seventy for Padmanabha Pillai, the maestro of the contemporary world of Kathakali. Popularly known as FACT Padmanabhan since his close ties with the FACT Kathakali troupe, his Kathakali credentials quite much link to the heroics of the troupe. Kathakali was for Thiruvalla born Padmanabhan, an escape from the rough facets of real life as his childhood passed unceremoniously watching his father, a casual labourer, battling his way to keep the family going. Nevertheless, the liking for Kathakali of Narayana Pilla, the father of Padmanabhan literally became instrumental in paving way for his youngest son to walk on to the stage illuminated by traditional brass lamps. ...

Madeeha Gauhar will Rest in Peace


As the pioneer of Pakisthani parallel theatre, Madeeha Gauhar was being laid to rest at Cavalry Ground graveyard, the day evoked great sorrow even among her contemporaries in India in respect to a person who tend to call on peace between the two hostile nations through a unique weapon that had been her forte across her lifetime - theatre. A staunch advocate of peace between India and Pakistan, Madeena had through her theatre title, 'Ajoka', built as well as preserved strong ties between the two countries set apart with acrimony and distrust. As a result she has developed a massive fan following in Indian Punjab, who would be in great grief facing the news of her untimely demise....

Japanese Performing Arts Evening for Calcutta


The fans of Japan from Calcutt along with expatriates from Japan assembled here for an evening last month at Jadavpur University auditorium. The evening was given the name by the promoters - In-Nichi Bunkasai. It was Nihongo Kaiwa Kyookai Society's president, Jayantha Saha who lead the organising team of the programme. The event was staged in association with Japanese consulate, as a melange of Japanese and Indian art cultures. One of the most amusing numbers of the evening was the skit titled 'Mind Your Japanese Language'. It portrayed a classroom full of multilingual students from India valiantly talking a mix of English, Japanese as well as their different mother tongu...

Eugene Concert tackles Indian Musical Nuances in Mumbai


An eighty-member, Eugene Concert Choir is partnering with Portland Bollywood troupe to rock Saturday night here in Mumbai with their highlight 'Bollywood Dreams'. The choir is expected to perform a mix of traditional Indian ragas beside songs composed by AR Rahman, the popular Indian composer. The partership is expected to be that extra mile element since the music of Eugene Concert Choir would be ideally complimented by the dance troup to create a comprehensive experience of storytelling as far as the performer-audience chemistry is considered. The high energy presentation is understood to be packing in it all elements of the ninety's Bollywood style fun. Expected are da...