Artists dedicate their Efforts to the Welfare of Coming Generations


A master as well as exponent of mural painting and drawing art, Mr KK Warrier had recently said during a press briefing that he was engaged in the preservation and exhibition of rare mural paintings and drwawings with a view to enlighten the forthcoming generations about the unfathomable value of those. According to him, a dedicated gallery was much required in Kerala for preserving such pieces, which would also be greatly helpful for students of history and archaeology. Mr Warrier was here in Kilimanoor to take part in the birthday anniversary celebrations being held at the Kilimanoor Palace.

As part of the celebrations ten mural painting and drawing pieces have been exhibited here. The most significant of these is the 'Shree Rama Pattabhishekham' that has been preserved since the time of demolition of Guruvayoor temple's southern gatehouse. Besides these, the Dakshinamoorthi painting that was discovered at Guruvayoor temple itself, the Dwarapalika found at Angadippuram Thirumandamkunnu Mathrushala temple, Krishnaleela, Kaliyanagam and Kaliyamarddanam, all preserved before the restructuring of Puthoor temple of Karivalloor in Kannur, the Shiva's Evening Dance painting preserved from the outersanctum of the Alathiyoor Hanuman temple of Malapuram, Vethala Durga acquired from the Vamanamoorthi temple of Thaikkattusherry, Sage Narada and Rakshasa painting got from Vaippin Kuzhuppilli temple, Scenes of Ramayana got from Killikkurisshimangalam Shiva temple of Palakkad, Vetta Shastha from Kuttipuram Koorada Thirumangalam temple, and Kumaranalloor Devi painting from Kottayam Kumaranalloor Devi temple are exhibited at the newly built block of Kilimanoor Palace.

Also preserved alongside these paintings are fifteen pieces realised by Ms Nimisha Rao who has earned deep public respect among the contemporary artists through her novel experiments in the realm of water colour painting. This young artist is presently specialising in reinterpreting the paintings of Raja Ravi Varma following profound research on the context. This is the fourth exhibition of paintings created by Thrishoor based Ms Rao who is but settled in Gujarat presently. She was awarded with the President's accolade for creative arts in 2001.

Following the conclusion of the Raja Ravi Varma birth anniversary celebrations at Kilimanoor Palace, the artists are preparing to return to their homes expressing their optimism to participate in the next edition of the celebrations as well.