Natya Tharangini celebrates its 42 nd Anniversary


It was another day of dancing, occasion for celebrating and moment for cherishing for the students of Natya Tharangini performing arts centre. As the school was celebrating its 42 nd anniversary, the joyful students saw it as a time to carry on with what they did best; sharing the joy of Kuchipudi besides showing the world, their movement prowess.

Students aged between five and forty having practised routines choreographed by Raja Reddy and Radha Reddy famous Kuchipudi dancing couple participated in this global celebration that took place in New Delhi initiated by Natya Tharangini on April 29. The Reddy couple is the brain behind the Natya Tharangini performing arts centre.

Besides the routine Kuchipudi numbers, Hindustani vocal music and an exciting art exhiition as well were conducted as part of the celebrations. Above all, the programme brings together to the stage two of the most priceless impressions of creativity that further thinking - art and dance.

The anniversary celebrations of the Natya Tharangini performing arts centre takes place on April 29th of every year, commemorating the birth anniversary of the Modern Ballet's creator, Jean-Georges Noverre. Natya Tharangini was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute.

According to a dancing student of Natya Tharangini, Tarini Singh, Kuchipudi had increased the tolerance and endurance of her body and as far as her heart went she though it had made her a batter person.