Rhythm of Rajasthan group back in Bangaluru


A group consisting of twenty five artistes having performed with renowned singer Shreya Ghoshal facing a 15,000 strong Bangaluru crowd at Palace ground back in 2010 is still a vivid memory for many an admirer of folk arts from Bangaluru. The troupe behind this outstanding performance, Rhythm of Rajasthan is all set to perform their next stage in the Garden City in blueFrog in the evenning of April 26.     Rhythm of Rajasthan collaborated with different folk performing artists based in Rajasthan for performing at least five time here since 2010. Many of their songs conspicuously combined the elements of Hindu and Muslim art cultures to reflect the diversity of the population ...

World's largest performing arts centre opens in Taiwan


The rights of bragging about the largest performing arts centre in the world go to Taiwan as the National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts, a sprawling 1.5 million sq ft facility has been completed in the souther port city of Taiwan, Kaohsiung. The center has been designed by renowned Dutch company, Mecanoo Architechts. This mega space that is quite futuristic-looking, is called for short, Weiwuying. This facility boasts of five performing spaces incorporated; these include a opera house capable of seating 2,260, a concert hall capable of seating 2,000, a recital hall with 470 seats and an outdoor space for performance capable of arranging upto 20,000 seats. The executive as well as art...

Sreelakshmy Govardhan's upcoming Kuchipudi presentation to base on Vaishnavite themes


The occasion of the World Dance Day falling on April 29 will be highlighted in the capital by an eponymous presentation of Natya Vrisksha. Her performance for the day is understood to be rendering three pieces based on Vaishnavite themes, namely; A Shabdam, Krishna Sthuthi set in Tharangam format and the Ashtapadi. Beginning with Ramayana Shabdam that explains Rama's tale from his birth to the day of coronation at a fast pace, Sreelakshmy will manipulate the Shabdam to highlight the flavour in Kuchipudi. On the other side, she will dance to the tune of Krishna Sthuthi on a dance plate's rim. At some juncture of the performance Sreelakshmy is expected to expand on nine differe...

Two day- culture and heritage symposium held at Kochi


The Culture, Heritage, and Our Future Cities Symposium is being launched today in Kochi by Travelling Exchanges: Theatres, Architectures, Heritage, A Fulbright-Nehru Research Project in affiliation with Madhavan Nair Foundation. The symposium will be organised in Edapally at the Kerala Museum. The event will feature an interactive installation apart from speakers, exhibits and performances. This symposium is being co-facilitated by a team of elite persons from different segments including Kanta Kochar, a Fulbright Nehru research scholar, KK Gopalakrishnan, director for Kuttiyattam Kendra, and contributing scholars as well as artistes. It will explore how culture coupled with heritage co...

Doug Berky to perform at Vero Beach


Reports say that Gems: The World Wisdom Stories, by Doug Berky is all set to have a grant display at the Art Leonhardt Auditorium of Vero Beach Museum on April 25. A storeyteller, mime and designer of masks and costumes, Berky is doing comedic as well as dramatic interpretation of classic stories stitched together to amuse both adults and children. The show is being presented by The Gifford Youth Achievement Center. It is understood that the event is the second annual performing arts event for the youth by the youth-promotional body. This organised reportedly intends to not just entertaining the audience but to open up some educational as well as cultural experiences from artistes to th...

Here is a video-editing app for dance, finally


Menaka PP Bora, the award winning danseuse and an exponent of Xattriya dance is reportedlyt planning to launch a video-editing application targeting the dance connoisseurs of the city alongside a performance at Guwahati in July. This app will be called Velapp. Menaka said to the press during her briefing on the newly prepared application that the audience there would be encouraged to shoot as well as edit more videos of her performance using the new app that has gathered immense popularity in the previous year alone since its introduction, owing to the ease of use delivered by it. The daughter of the famour danseuse Indira PP Bora, Menaka is a soloist classical dancer, actor, choreog...

Saz-e-Bahar showcased rare Indian Instrumental Music


Saz-e-Bahar is the festival of the various instrumental music forms of India held by the National Centre for the Performing Arts, with a view to showcasing rare classical musical instruments of India such as the Esraj and Vichithra Veena. The main attractions of the Saz-e-Bahar: Festival of Indian Instrumental Music were the Vichithra Veena performance by Radhika Veena Sadhika and Esraj by Shubhayu Sen Majumdar. These instruments are understood to be quite obscure as in the present times not more than five persons might be used to playing these instruments. The Vichithra Veens that comes with no frets has but several strings for releasing a sonorous as well as quiet sound. On the oth...

Atirathis recreats Arjuna-Karna Final Conflict in Chandigarh


An astounding performance of Atirathis thrilled the audience at the Tagore Theatre in Chandigarh on April 17 2018 as a starter to the four-day dance and music festival organised here by Chandigarh Sangeet Natak Academi. Atirathis is a contemprary dance form that draws inspiration from erstwhile martial styles. The Atirathis that was performed on Monday here depicted the touching story of Kunthi, Karna, Arjuna, Draupadi and Indra against the backdrop of a fierce combat between Arjuna and Karna. As the two valiant warriors fought it out in an unprecedented spectable on the stage realised through a blend of Kathak, Chhau, Klarichpadh and Indian contemporary dance, the audience were left ga...